Driven by the zeal to make Tampa and Hillsborough County the most desirable destination for fast-growing companies and talented people, the EDC team shows up every day ready to help move our community forward.



  • Craig J. Richard, CEcD, FM

    Craig J. Richard, CEcD, FM

    President and CEO

    (813) 518-2620

  • Terri Houston

    Terri Houston

    Executive Assistant to
    President & CEO

    (813) 518-2622

  • Finance and Administration

  • Nealy Wheat, CAE

    Nealy Wheat, CAE


    (813) 518-2624

  • Dani True

    Dani True

    Investor Relations Manager

    (813) 815-6223

  • Business Development

  • Steve Morey

    Steve Morey

    Senior Vice President,
    Business Development

    (813) 518-2630

  • Bea Bare

    Bea Bare

    Senior Business
    Development Executive

    (813) 518-2632

  • Adam Myers

    Adam Myers

    Senior Business Development Manager

    (813) 518-2660

  • Jonathan Wolf

    Jonathan Wolf

    Business Development Manager

    (813) 518-2662

  • Anna Vega

    Anna Vega

    Executive Coordinator

    (813) 518-2634

  • Madison Lawson

    Madison Lawson

    International Business Manager

    (813) 518-2668

  • Danielle Albright

    Danielle Albright

    Business Development Manager


  • David Robinson

    David Robinson

    Business Development Manager

    (813) 518-2654

  • Marketing

  • Michelle Bauer, CEcD

    Michelle Bauer, CEcD

    Chief Operating Officer

    (813) 518-2644

  • Laura Fontanills

    Laura Fontanills

    Marketing and
    Communications Director

    (813) 518-2648

  • Robin DiSalvo

    Robin DiSalvo

    Market Research Analyst

    (813) 518-2652

  • Hussain Shamseddine

    Hussain Shamseddine

    Digital Marketing Manager

    (813) 518-2650

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