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Founded in 2012, SiteREADY is an award-winning professional services firm focused on the integration of technology into the workplace. Providing a uniquely developed Solutions Delivery Model (SDM) and services across the United States, the firm challenges organizations to think differently about the process in which technology is being implemented into the workplace.


Alongside architects, general contractors, and vendors, the SiteREADY team delivers the most appropriate solutions for an organization’s workplace technology needs, ensures an effective implementation program is in place, and becomes the single point of contact for all Corporate Real Estate and Technology projects.

Dylan McCrory

As Principal and Senior Vice President of Solutions at SiteREADY, Dylan McCrory is responsible for overseeing client engagements, designing a winning growth strategy, and ensuring the broad strategic vision for the company is communicated accurately and effectively to team members. He provides strategic guidance to the SiteREADY leadership team on engagement scope creation and delivery of solutions, and was a co-author of the SiteREADY Solutions Delivery Model.


Dylan graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and was a member of Harvard’s Ivy League Championship football team. Prior to joining SiteREADY, he began his career as an Investment Banking Analyst for Raymond James & Associates and was responsible for business development and strategy for a startup in the corporate services industry.