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Manufacturing has a long history in Tampa Bay, where it is a source of innovation to a wide range of industries. From precise military specifications to the creation and development of medical devices and manufacturing in highly regulated industries, our businesses are pioneering the art of modern manufacturing technology.


ManufacturingThe Tampa Bay region has the second largest base of manufacturing employment in Florida with more than 2,800 manufacturers in the county, representing over 63,000 employees. Recently, Advanced Airfoil Components, a joint venture between Siemens and Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation, announced it had chosen Hillsborough County for its headquarters, bringing 350 jobs and investing $139 million into the area.


Tampa Bay’s manufacturing sector also plays a key role in attracting investment from overseas. Close to 500 foreign-owned companies representing more than 40 nations have established successful operations here.


The workforce needs of the manufacturing industry have been a regional focus in Hillsborough and neighboring Pinellas County for several years. Tampa Bay’s top business and economic development organizations have come together to identify the current workforce needs of area manufacturers, and to create unique workforce development programs, such as apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and fellowships, as well as programs for continuing professional education and partnerships with local colleges and national universities, as we prepare for anticipated growth in the manufacturing industry.


Find out how one locally grown company, Beneficial Blends, has grown in Hillsborough County over the past few years and what working with the EDC has meant to the company.



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Due to an extensive interstate network, there are more than 33 million consumers within an eight-hour drive of Tampa and Hillsborough County. Our world-class airport, deep-water sea port and convenient access to a network of rail and interstate highways systems, Tampa is a prime location for distribution and logistics centers servicing the state of Florida, the United States and beyond with unparalleled ease.


As a hub for distribution & logistics company, BlueGrace Logistics has grown exponentially in Tampa and Hillsborough County. In this short testimonial, find out how the EDC has helped them grow.



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Tampa has a strong network of industry associations focused on manufacturing success:
Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA)
Florida Medical Manufacturers Consortium (FMMC)
Florida Aviation & Aerospace Alliance (FAAA)
Florida High Tech Corridor (FHTC)

Manufacturing Alliance of Hillsborough County 







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