Businesses, regardless of their industry or size, are nothing without a skilled workforce. Whether they require 1 or 1,000 employees, businesses need a workforce to be successful. Here in Tampa and Hillsborough County, we have a large, talented, and diverse workforce ready to take your business to new heights.



More than 1.97 million people make up our active labor force, and we are poised to grow even more, recently being named one of the fastest growing major cities in Florida and one of the 20 fastest growing metros in the country.


With a median age of 37, the labor pool is young. And it looks as though it is going to stay that way. Florida has the top talent pipeline in the country, bolstered by a state college and university system that introduces over 165,000 new graduates to the workforce each year.


Nearly 18 percent of our population is bilingual, and 88 distinct international ancestries are represented by residents here. Top ancestries include Puerto Rican, German, Irish, and Cuban, while languages spoken here, outside of English and Spanish, run the gamut from Arabic and French to Chinese and Vietnamese.


Our diversity isn’t strictly limited to our ancestries, either. Having recently ranked as one of America’s best cities for millennials, Tampa has seen a rising number of young professionals. The military also greatly influences our workforce, with roughly 92,000 veterans in our active labor force and more than 15,000 active-duty service members currently employed at MacDill Air Force Base.


Employment in Tampa and Hillsborough County is also booming. Over the past five years (between 2013 & 2017), employment in the Professional and Business Services sector, which includes roles in the IT and Financial & Professional Services industries, grew 19 percent, or by more than 37,500 new jobs. (Source:  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Annual Average 2013 & 2017 not seasonally adjusted.)


Our workforce is talented and diverse enough to fit any company’s needs. We are ready and willing to start making a difference with the best and the brightest companies in the world.


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